乐动软件安装 //www.drjmphotography.com 进口商和经销商的特殊橡胶,塑料和化学品 星期三,3月31日16:01:51 +0000 en - us 每小时 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=5.8 https://i1.wp.com/www.drjmphotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/cropped-Lianda-icon.png?fit=32%2C32&ssl=1 乐动软件安装 //www.drjmphotography.com 32 32 179415383 金属Co-Agents //www.drjmphotography.com/lianda-offers-expanded-zda-zdma-metallic-coagents/ //www.drjmphotography.com/lianda-offers-expanded-zda-zdma-metallic-coagents/#respond 乍得Atzemis 星期三,31 Mar 2021 15:59:15 +0000 博客 Co-Agents 新产品 ZDA ZDMA //www.drjmphotography.com/?p=820 鉴于全球不断增长的供应链挑战,联达自豪地扩大了我们提供的金属配合剂(ZDA, ZDMA),用于动态过氧化物固化体系,如皮带和高尔夫球,以及改善橡胶和38;在弹性体系统中,有或没有粘合剂的硅酮与金属的粘合。这些添加剂也积极传授更好的伸长,撕裂强度和flex (& # 8230;) < / p > < p >的<一个rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.drjmphotography.com/lianda-offers-expanded-zda-zdma-metallic-coagents/ " >金属Co-Agents < / >第一次出现在< rel =“nofollow”href = " //www.drjmphotography.com " >联大公司< / >。< / p >乐动软件安装

鉴于全球不断增长的供应链挑战,联达自豪地扩大我们的供应金属合作剂 (ZDA, ZDMA),用于动态过氧化物固化体系,如

< span style =" font - family:宋体id =“标题-附件- 811”class =“wp-caption-text”>动态橡胶金属结合应用的例子< / p > < / div > < p > < a href = " https://www.linkedin.com/feed/hashtag/?keywords=belting& highlightedUpdateUrns =瓮% 3阿里% 3 aactivity % 3 a6781219034252808193”data-attribute-index = " 1 " > #带< / >和高尔夫球,#rubber &#silicone to metal bonding in elastomer systems with or without adhesive。这些添加剂也积极地给予更好的延伸率,抗撕裂性和弯曲强度在许多应用。同时增强你的热老化性能。在某些硫化体系中,ZDA助剂也可作为活化剂来改善硫化。联系我们今天更多的信息或帮助配方和产品增强。


乐动软件安装 //www.drjmphotography.com/lianda-offers-expanded-zda-zdma-metallic-coagents/feed/ 0 820 橡胶和塑料新闻报道CPE变化 //www.drjmphotography.com/rubber-plastic-news-covers-cpe-changes/ //www.drjmphotography.com/rubber-plastic-news-covers-cpe-changes/#respond 乍得Atzemis 2020年7月17日星期五16:35:40 +0000 博客 CPE 校长 我们是谁 //www.drjmphotography.com/?p=685




2020年7月13日< A href="https://www.rubbernews.com/this-week-issue/archives">Rubber &塑料新闻强调全球供应链的一些变化和中断,以及联达正在与我们的全球合作伙伴合作解决这些问题,并为我们的客户提供增值解决方案。通过快速和果断的行动,联达通过2020年搬迁亚兴化工厂,确保了我们CPE客户的稳定供应!


The post Rubber &首先出现在联达公司.

... //www.drjmphotography.com/rubber-plastic-news-covers-cpe-changes/feed/ 0 685 FredColor色散的独家经销商 //www.drjmphotography.com/exclusive-distributor-for-fredcolor-dispersions/ //www.drjmphotography.com/exclusive-distributor-for-fredcolor-dispersions/#respond 乍得Atzemis Tue, 30 june 2020 15:49:41 +0000 博客 校长 颜色 分散体 颜料 橡胶 硅胶 //www.drjmphotography.com/?p=529 联达非常荣幸被指定为FredColor S.L.的北美独家经销商。作为先进着色剂加工和客户服务的技术领导者,联达的橡胶和硅酮着色剂和添加剂分散剂是联达无与伦比的特种化学品和添加剂系列的补充适用于#橡胶和#硅酮应用。

the post FredColor色散的独家经销商首次出现在联大公司< / >。< / p > < p > < a href = " //www.drjmphotography.com/ " >联大> < /非常自豪地任命的独家北美经销商FredColor作为技术领先的发达着色剂的处理和客户服务FredColor& # 8217; s < a href = " //www.drjmphotography.com/products/ " > < / >,硅胶橡胶色素和添加剂分散#无与伦比 line of specialty chemicals and additive for #橡胶< / >和< a href = " https://www.linkedin.com/feed/hashtag/?keywords=silicone& highlightedUpdateUrns =瓮% 3阿里% 3 aactivity % 3 a6677265798140108800”data-attribute-index = " 2 " > #硅胶< / >应用程序。fredcolor&# 8217; fredcolor&# 8217; fredcolor&# 8217; fredcolor&# 8217; fredcolor&# 8217; fredcolor&# 8217; fredcolor&# 8217; fredcolor&# 8217;报告Chad Atzemis, Lianda COO。Fred Color提供各种硅酮和橡胶颜料分散剂以及添加剂分散剂,可根据客户的个人应用需求定制。


The post FredColor色散的独家经销商首先出现在 529 应对2019冠状病毒病大流行 //www.drjmphotography.com/working-through-the-covid-19-pandemic/ //www.drjmphotography.com/working-through-the-covid-19-pandemic/#respond wpengine Wed, 20 May 2020 20:10:29 +0000 博客 covid19 联大集团 联大的合作伙伴 面具 //www.drjmphotography.com/?p=338

The post Working Through #Covid-19 Pandemic首先出现在联达公司.


Even as our work and personal lives continue to be disrupted by the #Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to focus on our strengths. At Lianda, our partners are our strength.

Our #partners around the world have helped Lianda procure and ship thousands of #masks to the US which have been donated to our local medical professionals and first-responders.

#ThankYou to all our partners around the world who are committed to working and growing together, and thank you to those who continue to work everyday to treat all of us during this pandemic.

Stay safe!

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致我们宝贵的利益相关者 //www.drjmphotography.com/to-our-valued-stakeholders/ //www.drjmphotography.com/to-our-valued-stakeholders/#respond wpengine Sun, 10 May 2020 20:32:22 +0000 博客 covid19 供应链 //www.drjmphotography.com/?p=342

To Our Valued stakeholder 首先出现在联达公司.

..<乐动软件安装/p> .

With COVID-19 now declared a global pandemic, I wanted to contact you personally to share more about what LIANDA is doing to address the situation.

Ensuring our people’s health is of paramount importance. To minimize the risk of infection and to comply with state and federal policies, our employees are now working from their homes; business continuity and crisis management response plans have been implemented to ensure the continued availability of our services and support to our valued customers. Our team is working diligently to maintain open communication lines internally and externally using all available tools and methods and demonstrating great flexibility in accommodating all internal and external requests. Our logistics team is working closely with our supply chain partners, and, as of today, we have not experienced any changes in our warehouses network and services; we are very grateful to work with such dedicated and supportive partners. We will provide information about any future potential changes as soon as it is available.

….More Below in Comments #covid19 #MoreThanADistributor #teamwork

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联达聘请Tom wepert -全国大客户经理 //www.drjmphotography.com/lianda-hires-tom-weipert-national-key-account-manager/ //www.drjmphotography.com/lianda-hires-tom-weipert-national-key-account-manager/#respond wpengine Mon, 20 Apr 2020 20:38:47 +0000 博客 联大集团 汤姆Weipert //www.drjmphotography.com/?p=346

The post Lianda Hires Tom wepert –全国大客户经理出现在联达公司.


Lianda is very happy to announce that Tom Weipert has joined our team. Tom is bringing extensive industry experience to the National Key Account Manager position for Lianda. Tom is an #unparalleled sales professional in the #rubber & #elastomer markets and we look forward working with him and learning from him.

#HiringandPromotion #welcometotheteam

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联大集团是本次国际弹性体大会的独家赞助商 //www.drjmphotography.com/lianda-corp-is-an-exclusive-sponsor-at-the-international-elastomer-conference/ //www.drjmphotography.com/lianda-corp-is-an-exclusive-sponsor-at-the-international-elastomer-conference/#respond wpengine Sun, 2019年4月21日01:19:32 +0000 博客 克利夫兰 会议 弹性体 俄亥俄州 橡胶展 //www.drjmphotography.com/?p=71

关于美国化学学会(American Chemical Society)橡胶分会,ACS (American Chemical Society)是一个由化学、工程师、技术人员、科学家、工厂经理、销售和营销专业人员和其他在橡胶、聚合物或工业、学术界和政府相关领域的化学家、工程师、技术人员、科学家、工厂经理、销售和营销专业人员组成的国际协会。我们的使命是提高科学水平

the post Lianda Corp is an Exclusive Sponsor at the International Elastomer Conference first appeared on 联大公司< / >。< / p >

关于ACS (American Chemical Society)橡胶部门,ACS (American Chemical Society)是一个由化学、工程师、技术人员、科学家、工厂经理、销售和市场营销专业人员和其他橡胶、聚合物或相关行业的化学家、工程师、技术人员、科学家、工厂经理、销售和市场营销专业人员组成的国际协会。学术界和政府。我们的使命是在不断发展的弹性体领域加强科学、技术和业务。我们致力于通过教育、技术和互动活动来拓展橡胶行业和个人发展。这个组织已经有100多年的历史了!

International Elastomer Conference –我们的国际弹性体大会是材料、设备、工具和服务的教育工作者、客户、制造商和供应商聚集在一起的首选场所。这个活动是一年中的一个时间,一个地点,在这里你可以看到我们行业中最优秀的人都在同一个屋檐下。它提供了一个交流思想、观察、监管改革和新兴科学技术的论坛,以及学习、建立网络、看到现有客户并创造新客户的论坛。这个会议每年十月举行。 It is held in Cleveland, OH on the odd numbered years and travels to different locations on the even numbered years.

Click here for Conference Registration & Information

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